How To Make 50$ To 60$ Everyday In Simple Steps From ClixSense.

How To Make 50$ To 60$ Everyday In Simple Steps From ClixSense.


When you search for PTCs site You will get penalty list items.

However, do you know just a couple of modest bunch of PTCs sites are there which are great. Check this rundown of genuine PTC sites which pay  their individuals on time.

And out of these best PTC sites, I cherish ClixSense the most.

After all, I have made around more than $2470+ in last 1 year.

First thing you need to do is signup ClixSense  After signup, you will receive a validation link from ClixSense.

click here to join clixsense

Once you click the approval link, ClixSense will ask you to login to your account. After you login, it will ask you to add some more details in  your profile like address, mystery question & most important is payment method.

There are 4 methods of payment, first is Payza and others are Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller.

Payoner is one of the most popular way to receive the payment. So I will suggest you to join Payoneer and then choose Payoneer as the payment method in ClixSense. You need to create a payoneer account.

Click here to create a Payoneer account

Payza is also one of the most popular way to receive the payment. So I will suggest you to create a Payza account for future use if needed.Even though You can chose Payza as a payment option its all Your choice.

Click here to create a Payza account

After adding all the account details in ClixSense, click “update account” link and it will take you to their main page where you can start earning money.

Have a look below to understand more clearly.

Most importantly, you can see my aggregate pay, payouts,  and Balance in the above picture. I have earned $2400 (INR 1,55,000) till date from ClixSense. In spite of the fact that my joining is 30 december 2016 however I began working genuinely from August 2017 and I have stopped working from most recent 3 months and I am intending to work here once more.

Let’s see in howmany ways we can earn money from ClixSense

1. By Completing Surveys

You can click on the Surveys tab, check the available surveys and complete them to earn money. You will get paid $0.5 to $1.25 for completing a survey. When you signup, you will get at least 3-4 surveys.

You have to finish your Survey profile to get more Surveys offers from various organizations. You can find survey profile interface on the upper Left.

It makes some broad question like age, capability, conjugal status, about your employments. with the goal that they comprehend what kind of surveys will be best appropriate for you

you have to check frequently for accessible Surveys so you can finish them as quickly as time permits even before they terminated and vanish from your record. Coz If you postpone then it perhaps gone.


Daily survey routers are survey where you can attempt surveys unlimited times per day. Some may allow you to take the survey only once per day, while others may have higher limit. Recommended is to keep on checking multiple times at different hours to check for available surveys.

3. By completing different offers

You can also earn in ClixSense by completing different types of offers. These offers are available from different types of websites. E.g. you will get paid for signup on different sites, you can earn by downloading useful apps on your mobile or similar types of offers.

There are around 11 unique kinds of offers through which you can earn clixcents.

Anytime when you login to your ClixSense account, you can find number of offers. You can check the offers, understand what it wants you to do and complete the offer to get paid.

4. By completing crodwflower  Tasks

One of the best way to earn money from ClixSense is by doing Crowdflower tasks.  Tasks is a very good way to increase your ClixSense balance.

In order to start doing tasks, you should sign up to Crowdflower. CrowdFlower is a service for companies who are interested in using crowdsourcing to help their workforce. These companies have broken their workforce into small tasks that can be quickly completed independently by home workers. Crowdflower has partnered with several companies to post these tasks and one of them is ClixSense.

A job at crowdflower has its own ID and consists of many tasks. In order to be able to complete more tasks from a specific job, you should first complete the quiz (test) mode task. That way Crowdflower ensures that you are qualified for the job. You will not be paid always for this task but if you are successful you then qualify to the work mode tasks where you can start making money. There is only one test mode for a job. Finally, each task has an expelled mode where you will be redirected if your accuracy is too low to continue doing this task.

Each task contains questions and in order to be paid you should answer correctly to a percentage of them (for example 7 out of 10 questions). Each task may require a different level of accuracy. The payout for each task varies from 0.01$ to 1,00$.

Click Here for Detailed instructions about how to complete Task on CrowdFlower

5. By ClixSense weekly Contest
How does the Tasks Weekly Contest work?

The tasks weekly contest is a simple contest running from Monday to Sunday that rewards the top 10 tasks workers. The prizes, totalling $100 every week, are distributed in the following manner:

1st $50
2nd $20
3rd $10
4th to 5th $5
6th to 10th $2

The top contestants for the current weekly contest, as well as the past winners, are shown on the bottom of the Tasks page. The winners are paid instantly just a few minutes past midnight of every Sunday.

The rules are simple: Just complete as many tasks as possible on a given week; In case of a tie, the worker that completed the last task first will be positioned higher.

From June 10, 2013 the tasks with “bonus” on their names no longer count towards the contest.

You can check here.I have won many times ClixSense Contest 50$

6. Though ClixSenseResearch

This is another way of making money from ClixSense. Basically is a different site owned by ClixSense. You can earn by completing different surveys from this website.

When you join ClixSense, it automatically creates an account on ClixSenseResearch. You just need to check your email for any activation link from ClixSenseResearch

After activation, you can login to your account at ClixSenseResearch, then complete your profiles there and start earning through surveys.

So above are the ways, you can earn money from ClixSense.

Although its a low earning concept but ClixSense is one of the most trusted website on internet. You can increases your earnings by

  • regularly checking your account,
  • completing all tasks and offers,
  • referring more & more people through your affiliate link
7. payment proof ( PaYza)

payza This is how we get money from clixsense to payza please have a look.

And now from Payza to Local bank Account.

8. payment proof ( Payoneer)

Money Transferred From payoneer To Local Bank  Account

So i suggest you to join ClixSense today and start earning at least some money in your part time.


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