How to work on Mini Jobs (CrowdFlower Task)

How to work on Mini Jobs (CrowdFlower Task)

CrowdFlower Task

Before we start with CrowdFlower. First of all we should know.

What is Crowdflower Task (mini jobs)?

Crowdflower is crowdsourcing company which pays for completing micro jobs from diffrent companies like Google,Microsoft,Ibm and all over the world. In other words, through the power of the Internet, they connect companies that have work to be done with people who are looking for work and opportunities to get compensated. So far, They have completed over one billion Tasks by five million Contributors from all over the world! so simpley there is more than 5 million contributor ( worker who work from crowdflower from home)

How to get started with CrowdFlower ?

 5 steps to get started with crowdflower

  1. signup with crowdflower 
  2. There are 4 levels (0,1,2,3)
  3. Start working with crowdflower

Take a look picture below you can see i have achieved all the levels up to 3 and completed 1482 diffrent jobs and more than 117262 questions with an accuracy of 89.9%


Now Next Qestion is?

                                                    What are CrowdFlower jobs?

Look at the Picture given below you can see many different types of jobs available out there chose weather which one you want to complete which one suits your on the task and first of all you will have to Pass the quize mode.

This is the Quiz mode

Here we can see 4 of 5 to you have to be careful at the starting . there are many options like Give up if you don’t really understand the Task please click on Give up and try another Task. That way Crowdflower ensures that you are qualified for the job. You will not be paid always for this task but if you are successful you then qualify to the work mode tasks where you can start making money.

There 4 categorize for the contributor who works on crowdflower (0,1,2,3,4)

After registration You are at 0 level and there not lots of jobs are available for you so be patient until you get the level 1. At this point Patience is the Key.

  • Level 1 100 test Questions and 5 different jobs with an accuracy of 70%.
  • Level 2 100 test Questions and 10 different jobs with an accuracy of 80.
  • Level 3 your overall accuracy should be 85%.


Also, you might get flagged for not following the instructions of a task. The requirements for advancing levels and the number of flags that you are allowed to have are shown in the picture below.level badges

Your goal when you are at level 0 is not to earn money but to keep your accuracy high when completing tasks. After you get the level 1 and easy to get level 2 to 3 because there were more number of task available to complete

     Some great Ideas to complet CrowdFlower task
  1. Be patient while completing task mostly at the Quiz mode take your time to read instructions carefully .This is quite hard part of the task but once you read the instructions carefully then you can begin the making money because there is many IDs of same task so once you read the instructions you can work direct from next task.
  2. Better to give up if you don’t understand the task properly as i have mentioned before.
  3. Close attention to the require for the Quiz mode task so that you can qualify for the work mode.
  4. we got a message often times there is no work currently available in  this task keep trying to reload the page until you get the work.

task not available

5.After you have complete the maximum amount of task in a particular job you will be shown a message like this


6.If you believe that your answer is right you can always file a ticket to  Crowdflower  asking you have answered according to the instruction even thought you have got a correction message.

This is the best way to make online money from home more than 50 to 60$ in very simple steps you can without any investment.

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